Stepup 4 kids - Columba Runners

The families of St Columaba's have established an amazing Columba Runners program to build our childrens health and fitness. In 2012 we have decided to build on our original success by joining StepUp4Kids a whole community approach to fitness and wellbeing for all our families.

Starting in week two of Term Two we will be offering an afterschool running prgram and are inviting all students of St Columba's to register. Training will go towards the students completing a marathon and the climax of the season will be The City to Surf.

If you would like the opportunity to assist in the success of StepUp4Kids program, we encourage you to attend our next meeting on Wednesday 4th April. The meeting will be held in the meeting room next to the new library at 9.00am.

The Sport and Recreation Committee is looking for nominations for the following positions
* Secretery
* Treasurer
* Sponsorship Co Ordinator
* Events Committee
* General helpers

The parents of St Columba's are always appreciative of the support we receive from our wider community towards our childrens health. We look forward to once again being sponsored by Aussie Farmers Direct for our 2012 season. Sponsorship this year will cover the cost of fun run apparel, web development, transport to events and hopefully will cover the cost of runners registration. We are looking for businesses to build new partnerships with in our local community. We would be thrilled to hear from any businesses willing to help our program in anyway. A sponsorship package is available soon.

We are also looking for "Super Coaches", ex students or parents that will be available to run laps with the students and help at our fun runs. Ex students who need to complete High School Community hours are encourged to contact us as soon as possible. The coaches will have the opportunity to organise, motivate and encourage the runners.

More information on training days etc will be available after our next meeting on Wednesday.

Leah Marrapodi
Sport and Recreation Committee

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