Our school offers families an opportunity to experience community life in a faith filled environment where each child is moved to find God, meaning and value in life through prayer, liturgy and celebration.

 Working in partnership with St Columba’s Parish, our school supports the parents in their role as the first educators in faith. Learning is central to the school’s purpose and there are high expectations set for all children in their learning with the conviction that each child has the ability to learn and to achieve their potential with appropriate and sensitive teaching.

 As a school we seek to recognise and affirm successful learning and high achievement. St Columba's Bayswater places special emphasis on developing and enhancing children's skills in the Learning Areas of Litercy and Numeracy. There are specialist programmes in the areas of Music, LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Italian and Physical Education.

Through regular professional learning our teaching staff have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of how children learn at particular stages and within learning areas. Teachers aim to know their children well: their backgrounds, their interests, needs motivations and learning styles so that they can encourage each child to accept responsibility for their own learning and guide them in how to continue learning throughout life. Our school strives to develop a sense of belonging and pride within each child by providing a physical and social setting that is safe, well organised and caring.

A child’s individual skills and talents are nurtured, while their achievement and self esteem are strongly promoted. Mutual respect and trust are seen as keys to developing a strong, positive culture. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to take an active role in the life of the school with opportunities ranging from assistance in the day to day work of the school through to representation on the P & F and School Board.