St. Columba's Primary School aims to foster the total development of each individual, within a loving community, that is totally committed to supporting the Catholic faith, principles and ideals within the framework of the Mercy Values.

We strive:

• To promote and live the Mercy Values of Mercy, Justice, Service, Compassion and Excellence;
• To foster children's faith in Christ so that they are able to become more like Jesus;
• To provide a loving environment in which each individual's dignity, as God's creation, is respected and developed;
• To affirm, respect and develop the individuality and God-given gifts of each child, staff member and school community member;
• To provide opportunities for each individual to develop to their full potential - spiritually, academically, physically, socially, culturally and emotionally;
• To develop a community in which each individual is encouraged to promote relationships between parents, school and community;
• To promote social justice, encouraging our community to maximise opportunities to contribute to the common good;
• To grow and develop as a Faith-filled community for the benefit of each individual and the wider community;

To Grow in Faith, to Seek Wisdom, to Live in Peace.