School Board

The St Columba's School Board welcomes you to our website

St Columba’s continues on its journey to strengthen its educational role within the Bayswater community. We continuously strive to provide a foundation of a caring and happy environment for our children, so that they can remember and be proud of their primary school days at St Columba’s.

The Board works very closely with the St Columba’s Senior Leadership Team, teachers, Parents & Friends Committee, and the Parish community to position the school for the growing numbers of Catholic students in the district. Going double stream brings its challenges, but also many opportunities. We are in the final stages of the capital development program to allow St Columba’s to cater for the growing demand for quality Catholic Education in our community.

Our school is one which is built on the Mercy Sisters core values of Mercy, Justice, Service, Compassion and Excellence. In 2016 St Columba’s will celebrate the Mercy Value of Mercy.

"Mercy not only bestows benefits, but receives and pardons again and again." Catherine McAuley.

Mercy is defined as empathy or love that manifests itself in action that is practical and thoughtful, warm and open, respectful and enabling.

Mercy calls us to be kind, compassionate and to care for each other over and above our duty.

At St Columba’s the value of Mercy is inextricably linked to compassion, justice, dignity, excellence, hospitality, stewardship and service.

We are blessed with a team of excellent staff at our school and a large group of very dedicated and hard working parents who are working together to ensure the very best for our school and our children. They all bring that special touch of magic and joy to teaching to our children. We are also blessed with a wonderful school community that serves to enhance and nurture the connection between students, staff, parents, Parish members and the local community.

God Bless

Mar Hube
St. Columba's School Board Chairperson, 2016