Merit Award Winners

The recipients of this week’s merit certificates are:

PP Green: Emmanuel Wai, Agnes Preedy
PP White: Michael Baldwin, Lana Ly

Year 1 Green: Keira Pollitt, Sana Bezich
Year 1 White: Tony Masek, Alexi Brammer

Year 2 Green: Charlotte Armstrong, Kalani Brammer
Year 2 White: Elizabeth Wright, Clyde Peters, Xavier Brandis

Year 3 Green: Craig DeMello, Gabrielle Mazurak
Year 3 White: Esther Coates, Charlotte Pitter

Year 4 Green: Max Gardiner, Mia Partington
Year 4 White: Lucia Dawes, Thomas Wright

Year 5 Green: Norah Hammond, Maxwell Miller
Year 5 White: Emily Thoms, Lily Chudzik

Year 6: Green: Emily Dillon, Jude Panizza
Year 6 White: Holly Taylor, Archie Jarvis

Congratulations to these students.