Swimming Carnival

Why post something on a Friday afternoon?

Well, it is because of what I witnessed yesterday. Let me fill you in quickly.

Swimming Carnival:
It is 2.30 pm and we are running late. We still have our Year 5 and 6 relay left to finish off our carnival. There are four buses waiting in the car park. We need to be on the buses by 2.50 pm, otherwise two need to leave for another school pick-up.
No option, we commit to finishing all the events. We realise we are no chance of a 2.50 finish, but why not go for it! The races finish, we decide we are going to do the presentations to the champions, runner-up champions and the winning faction. I check with a couple of parents about whether they think parents will be happy to take their kids home with them. It is now 2.50 pm. We take the chance and send two buses off, leaving us with two. Love it, commit and then work out the how. We are going to finish off the carnival with presentations.
Kids outstanding in being organised, packed-up and seated under the shade for the presentations. Winners of trophies for different year levels up and presented (love their attitude, love the support from the crowd even more.) McAuley Captains up to accept the shield for winning the carnival. Give a ripping great speech under pressure, like spot on, pure class, gratitude and real humility, just quality.
We then do a rapid fire thank you and then tell parents the bus situation. Parents 100% on board, take their own kids home, and we manage to get all the remaining kids on the two remaining buses. This went like clockwork.
Success! Now, this was great, but we ran 40 minutes late, so we had families waiting back here at school for us. Can I say how impressive our parents were in accepting things like this happen from time to time? Yes, I can say this. Talk about quality. Quality shines through when things do not go to plan, but people show great kindness and understanding.
From our staff here at St Columba’s School, I just want to acknowledge the support yesterday. Running 40 minutes late after school does put parents out. To know we are supported like we were yesterday is why we are loving being here with you and your kids.
I have to say, yesterday’s swimming carnival was a wonderful day, filled with excitement and enthusiasm. I will be wearing boardies and thongs next year though. It was warm out there!
Have a great weekend and thank you again for understanding things are not always perfect.
All good things to you and your family.