Kiss 'n' Drive


This is a NO PARKING area:
8.15am – 8.40am
2.45pm – 3.15pm

Dropping Off:
· Drive forward as far as you can, close to the kerb.
· Keep engine running & only stay long enough to see your children
safely on to school grounds.
· Always ensure children alight from the vehicle on the kerb side.
· Allow space for the vehicle in front of you to access their car boot.
· Move forward slowly only if, and when, it is safe to do so.
Picking Up:
· Make prior arrangements with your child to be waiting at the
designated safe point where they can see you arrive.
· Allow time for them to collect their belongings and meet you
at the Kiss 'n’ Drive zone.
· If your child is not there when you arrive DO NOT wait, move on and
park in a designated bay or do another circuit of the block and re-
enter the Kiss ‘n’ Drive zone. This takes only a couple of minutes and
is essential to the effective operation of the Kiss ‘n’ Drive.
· Always ensure that your child/ren get into vehicles on the kerb side &
that seatbelts are on before moving off.
· NEVER do a U-TURN out of the Kiss ‘n’ Drive – make use of the Roberts/
Murray Street roundabout if necessary.

Thank you for your assistance
Safe School Committee